MaxxEcu PDM20 With Accsessories

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The MaxxECU PDM20 is an advanced Power Distribution Module for MaxxECU units and is designed to replace fuses and relays in a modern way.

Max 230A.
20 outputs (8x25A, 8x15A, 4x8A).
7 digital / analog (0-24V) inputs.
All outputs can be PWM controlled.
Dedicated +5V power supply and sensor ground.
CAN bus for communication and setup management with MaxxECU MTune PC software.
Overcurrent protected adjustable levels with automatic restart with soft start option.
Warning levels for under / over currents.
Works with all MaxxECU devices.
Error code handling.
Support for CAN keypads.
Built-in energy saving mode that draws only 0.004A.
For high loads, outputs are connected in parallel.
MaxxECU PDM20 general
-40 to +125 deg C temperature range
Reverse polarity protection
6-22V operating voltage
32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU
132x140x42mm (excluding protruding connectors)
1x 34-pin and 1x 26-pin Superseal connectors
M6 screw for battery connection
PC communication over CAN-bus via any MaxxECU to MTune
MaxxECU PDM20 inputs
7 digital / analog (0-24V) inputs
Software selectable 12V pullup
CAN keypad (4,6,8,12 keys)
MaxxECU PDM20 outputs
230A maximum current throughput
All outputs are PWM capable
Current and voltage measuring
6 outputs with H-bridge drivers
Overtemperature protection
Output overcurrent protection via emulated fuse characteristics and hardware backup protection
Monitored +5V sensor supply output
Outputs can be paired to increase current capacity